Technical Assistance Provider

Urban Growers Collective

This organization is a 2023-2024 Chicago CWB Initiative Grantee

Technical Assistance Provided:

Cooperative Development and Operations, Education & Training, Other

Service Area:



Urban Agriculture

Accepting New Clients:



Applications for the following growing season open in the Late Fall/Winter of the prior year. Applications for the 2024 Grower Apprenticeship Program will open in late 2023.

Who we are:

Urban Growers Collective is a Black- and women-led non-profit that aims to address the inequities and structural racism that exist in the food system and in communities of color. Rooted in growing food, our mission is to cultivate nourishing environments through urban agriculture.

How we can help:

The Urban Growers Collective Grower Apprenticeship Program provides new and emerging growers with hands-on training in urban agriculture production and cooperative business models as a foundation to increasing food security, food sovereignty, and economic opportunity within the Chicago region.

Contact Us:

1200 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60609

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