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The Kola Nut Collaborative / Kola Community Solutions LLC

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Conflict Resolution, Cooperative Development and Operations, Relationship Building

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Who we are:

Kola Community Solutions and Kola Nut Collaborative seek to foster and incubate solidarity economy practices within communities and organizations through anti-oppressive facilitation, healthy, generative group conflict processes, and designing adult education spaces to grow a cooperative culture.

How we can help:

Kola Community Solutions and Kola Nut Collaborative can support with the facilitation of Time Salons or Offers & Needs Markets; design trainings and workshops that help groups explore their own cooperative or conflict cultures; troubleshoot your own tensions or challenges in cooperative workplaces or relationships; and help groups build some of their internal practices to ensure people can work together cooperatively.

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The Kola Nut Collaborative
Chicago, IL 60617

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