CCWBE Report

Cooperative Business Development in the Advanced Manufacturing Industry
Reporting Period:
Mar 2024
Submitted on:
May 1, 2024
Submitted By:
Fatimeh Pahlavan

Pre-Development Projects

Project Goals

What proportion of Goal 1 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that impacted goal 1 in the last month?

Revolution Institute (RI) successfully conducted its first community design charette in Englewood, partnering with local organizations such as Teamwork Englewood and EG Woode. The event was well-attended, facilitating vital discussions on workforce development and cooperative conversion. It served as a foundational step in educating stakeholders about the cooperative model and the manufacturing sector. The challenge remains in coordinating schedules and commitments among partners, which initially delayed the charette. However, the successful event has laid the groundwork for future engagements, with plans underway for a follow-up charette in the coming months.

What proportion of Goal 2 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that you impacted goal 2 in the last month?

The landscape analysis conducted by the University of Chicago Booth Social Impact Program students is complete. RI is awaiting the final deliverables, which will be integral to finalizing our 2024 social acquisition strategy. Concurrently, RI is conducting its own landscape analysis to complement the students' efforts and ensure a comprehensive strategy. A delay in receiving the students’ analysis has pushed back the finalization of the acquisition strategy. However, the dual approach of leveraging both the students’ and RI’s own analysis is expected to yield a robust strategy for identifying potential business acquisitions.

What proportion of Goal 3 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that you impacted goal 3 in the last month?

RI continues to emphasize the importance of understanding potential businesses and workforce dynamics before finalizing the cooperative model structure. This methodical approach ensures that the hybrid model is tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of the target acquisition. The main challenge is the prerequisite detailed evaluation of potential acquisition targets, which is necessary before infrastructure development can proceed. This requires extensive research and strategic planning, aimed at aligning the cooperative model with real-world business dynamics.

CWB Ecosystem

Did you access Technical Assistance for your CWB project last month?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with within the Phase I CWEB grantees?

Which TA providers did you work with OUTSIDE of the Phase I CWEB grantees?

Did someone from your organization attend the Working Group this month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)

Very useful

How would you rate the usefulness of the Working Group for building community?

Very useful

What have been the two most valuable contributions of the Working Group this month?


Please share any comments about the working group meetings.

I like Frank Cetera's support for identifying access to capital and the Matchmaking idea, which RI vounteered to support

How many TOTAL housing units did you preserve or create last month? (it is okay if the answer is zero)


How many TOTAL CWB businesses did you develop last month? (it is okay if the answer is zero)


Community Engagement

Number of stakeholder meetings held related to your Pre-Development Project?


Number of community meetings attended last month related to your Pre-Development Project?


Organizational Capacity

Service / Capacity

Service Capacity

Accounting & Financial Management

3 some ability


3 some ability

Conflict Resolution

1 limited ability

Cooperative Development and Operations


Education & Training


Fundraising or Raising Capital

3 some ability

Governance / Legal


Marketing & Communications




Project Management

3 some ability

Real Estate Acquisition & Development


Relationship Building

5 extensive ability


5 extensive ability

Other (please describe and include ranking)

What constraints or limitations with internal capacity is the organizarion experiencing related to its Pre-Development Project?

RI is currently facing internal capacity constraints as we seek to expand our team by recruiting a Workforce Development Coordinator and an Administrative Assistant. The search and interview process is actively underway, but finding candidates who align with our mission and possess the necessary skills has proven challenging. These roles are critical for managing our expanding project demands and ensuring efficient operation, which has underscored the urgency of filling these positions promptly.

What opportunities, if any, did the organization take advantage of related to its Pre-Development Project?

RI has actively taken advantage of opportunities to build strategic partnerships across various sectors and states. These partnerships are instrumental in extending our operational capabilities and enhancing our influence beyond our immediate geographic area.

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RI's Director of Operations continues to lead educational initiatives on governance and intellectual property, crucial for stakeholders in the cooperative sector. Additionally, Jamie Elder, Director of Business Development, spearheads financial modeling and business opportunity assessments to ensure RI's preparedness and strategic alignment in acquisition efforts. Looking forward, RI is committed to leveraging the insights gained from initial community engagements and analyses to refine strategies across all goals. The focus will remain on detailed planning, stakeholder education, and strategic partnerships to drive the successful implementation of RI's vision for cooperative development.