CCWBE Report

The Resurrection Project
Reporting Period:
May 2024
Submitted on:
June 7, 2024
Submitted By:
Kristen Komara

TA Providers: General Questions

CWB Goals

Please provide a brief update on your progress toward your proposed CWB goals in the last reporting period:

The Resurrection Project has been working towards meeting its mid-year milestone, and we're pleased to share the progress we've made. Over the past few weeks, we've had the opportunity to connect with key stakeholders to mark the halfway point of our project. We met with Mayowa Fanu for a check-in session to review our progress and receive valuable feedback. Additionally, Peter Dean joined us in person to discuss the project's development and offer insights. Mark Smithivas and Robin Semer also contributed their expertise by reviewing our educational content and providing suggestions for improvement. We attended the UHAB reunion hosted at Architechs Design The Future, where we connected with fellow professionals and collaborators in the field. This event not only provided a chance to network and build relationships but also served as a coming together for inspiration and creativity. As we continue to push forward, we're focused on completing our loan product by next month. With our sights set on the finish line, we're confident that our hard work will pay off, and we're nearing the completion of our project

What constraints or limitations, if any, did you experience in the last reporting period?

We didn’t encounter any barriers and our work was smooth and consistent to our goals

What opportunities, if any, did you take advantage of in the last reporting period?

The Resurrection Project has been actively engaging with stakeholders to mark the midpoint of our project. We met with Mayowa Fanu from the City of Chicago to review our progress and discuss next steps. We also attended the CWB LEH meeting to stay updated on the latest developments, and spoke with Fabiola Bautista from Self-Help about lending products. Peter Dean provided guidance on grant follow-ups, and we reviewed co-op models with Klade Hare and John Holdscraw from Rochedale. Vanessa Sanchez from LUCC Chicago consulted with us on continuing our co-op research, and we finalized educational content with Mark Smithivas and Robin Semer. These meetings have helped us advance our project and secure valuable insights from experts in the field.

Chicago CWB Ecosystem

Did you establish new CWB relationships/partnerships in the last reporting period?


Please describe the relationships you established pertaining to your CWB work.

We had a productive meeting with various group of experts and consultant contributors, including Self-Help, a non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to individuals and communities. We welcomed LUCC Chicago, a local organization focused on community development and empowerment, and Rochedale, a company that is new to the conversation. During the meeting, we discussed key topics and explored potential areas of collaboration. It was exciting to see the collective enthusiasm and commitment to driving positive change. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to build relationships, share knowledge, and align our goals with those of our new partners. As we move forward, we're looking ahead to working closely with these organizations to achieve our shared objectives. We'll be focusing on educational engagement and loan development. We're excited to see the impact that this collaboration will have and are grateful for the opportunity to work together towards a common goal.

Did you collaborate with other TA providers in the last reporting period?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with?

Peter Dean, Jenna Pollack, Mark Smithivas, David Feinberg, CSO, and The City of Chicago

Please share on behalf of whom / which projects you collaborated with the TA providers above:

Peter Dean and David Feinberg have been meeting with The Resurrection Project for some final research and information sessions, Mark Smithivas and Jenna Pollack continue to coordinate in keeping The Resurrection informed and up-to-date.

Did you attend the Working Group meeting last month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)

5 extremely useful

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Demographic Data

Community Area(s) (select all that apply)

Community Area Participants Served in this Community Area
South Lawndale 1


Race / Ethnicity of Participants (select all that apply)



Gender identity of Participants (select all that apply)



Age Range of Participants (select all that apply)

50 to 64


Limited Equity Housing Coops Work

How many sessions of one-on-one consulting to Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives (LEHCs) did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. one group or individual with one training provider)?



How many group workshops for Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. convenings, workshops, events, etc.) 



How many hours of support to CWB Pre-Development Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you provide this reporting period?



How many hours of support to existing Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you provide this reporting period?



Please list the LEHCs you worked with this reporting period.

La Villita Housing Cooperative
Pilsen Housing Cooperative (PIHCO) - 18th & Peoria


What type(s) of Technical Assistance did you provide to LEHCs this reporting period? Select all that apply.


Number of AFFORDABLE housing units preserved or developed this period



Number of AFFORDABLE housing units added to the pipeline this period



Did you provide education to any LEHCs this reporting period?



What are the greatest needs that your LEHC clients/partners expressed in this reporting period?

Our clients are ready to start engaging in our learning workshops and programs set to start in June


What are the greatest gaps in service or resources in Chicago's CWB ecosystem?

Continuous, combined efforts to develop a working group or monthly teams. Meeting once a month with UHAB experts and develop a peer-to-peer training opportunity.


Please share any direct testimonials from LEHC clients or storytelling about the impact of your work this period:


Please upload media (document with testimonials, photos, or video links) from LEHC workshops or events held.


Additional TA Support

Did your organization provide any additional TA support this reporting period that was NOT covered in the previous tabs?