CCWBE Report

Chicago Community Loan Fund
Reporting Period:
Jan 2024
Submitted on:
February 5, 2024
Submitted By:
David Feinberg

TA Providers: General Questions

CWB Goals

Please provide a brief update on your progress toward your proposed CWB goals in the last reporting period:

In January, we held our first workshop of the 2024 year, expanded our working group, and crafted a partnership agreement with Grounded Solutions in preparation for the next phase of community land trust development planning and acquisition building. We also held a planning session for the upcoming land trust panel as part of the IHC conference on affordable housing.

What constraints or limitations, if any, did you experience in the last reporting period?

The ongoing constraint and limitation are the challenges associated with a seamless process for submitting our voucher request for repayment for expenses incurred for our work. Additionally, our land trust members report similar constraints and challenges with finalizing their agreements and submitting their reimbursement requests for expenses incurred and work to be implemented. Finally, we encountered a challenge this month with ongoing uncertainty about phase 3 support with the grant and the stability of the ongoing ecosystem beyond the grant period.

What opportunities, if any, did you take advantage of in the last reporting period?

During the last reporting period, we connected with at least one other CWEB affiliated group considering becoming a land trust, provided support and T.A. to a grad student studying the ecosystem, and continued to open up our meetings to interested parties.

Chicago CWB Ecosystem

Did you establish new CWB relationships/partnerships in the last reporting period?


Please describe the relationships you established pertaining to your CWB work.

Project Equity and DAWI- to discuss collaboration opportunities related to the wealth building ecosystem; Launched an IHDA and State Senator Simmons directed task force on cooperative housing; Advanced work with CCLBA on financing co-ops; Developed a land trust questionnaire to assess capacity and needs related to acquisitions and development

Did you collaborate with other TA providers in the last reporting period?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with?

UHAB, UIC, Project Equity, DAWI,

Please share on behalf of whom / which projects you collaborated with the TA providers above:

We collaborated with these providers on ecosystems writ large

Did you attend the Working Group meeting last month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)

5 extremely useful

Optional Space

Demographic Data

Community Area(s) (select all that apply)

Community Area Participants Served in this Community Area
Englewood 1
Riverdale 1
Logan Square 1
Uptown 1
Humboldt Park 1
Woodlawn 1
North Lawndale 1


Race / Ethnicity of Participants (select all that apply)



Gender identity of Participants (select all that apply)



Age Range of Participants (select all that apply)

25 to 34
35 to 49
50 to 64


Community Land Trusts Work

How many sessions of one-on-one consulting to Community Land Trusts (CLTs) did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. one group or individual with one training provider)?



How many group workshops for CLTs did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. convenings, workshops, events, etc.) 



How many hours of support to CWB Pre-Development Community Land Trusts did you provide this reporting period?



How many hours of support to existing Community Land Trusts did you provide this reporting period?



Please list the CLTs you worked with this reporting period.

BIG! Blacks in Green
Dovie Thurman Affordable Housing Trust
Englewood Community Land Trust
First Community Land Trust of Chicago
Here to Stay Community Land Trust
Riverdale Community Land Trust
Turning Red Lines Green - North Lawndale


Other organization (please specify):



What type(s) of Technical Assistance did you provide to CLTs this reporting period? Select all that apply.


Number of AFFORDABLE housing units preserved or developed this period



Number of AFFORDABLE housing units added to the pipeline this period



Did you provide education to any CLTs this reporting period?



How many hours of cohort education/training did you provide last month?



How many hours of popular education/outreach did you provide last month?



Number of curriculum material(s) created last month



How did you market your services and conduct outreach in the last reporting period? Select all that apply.

Word-of-mouth marketing


What are the greatest needs that your CLT clients/partners expressed in this reporting period?

Additional operational funding and secured equity for their activities.


What are the greatest gaps in service or resources in Chicago's CWB ecosystem?

Equity funding for acquisition and pre-development; specific legal review of organizational and transactional documents; homebuyer and share loan capital availability


Please share any direct testimonials from CLT clients or storytelling about the impact of your work this period:


Please upload media (document with testimonials, photos, or video links) from CLT workshops or events held.


Additional TA Support

Did your organization provide any additional TA support this reporting period that was NOT covered in the previous tabs?



Please describe the type(s) of organizations you supported (i.e. nonprofits, business service orgs, etc.)

501 c 3s, newly forming orgs, worker coops


How many total organizations or entities did you support (that were not covered in the previous tabs)?



How many total hours of support did you provide to these organizations?



Please share any other relevant details about the support you provided these organizations: