CCWBE Report

The Resurrection Project
Reporting Period:
Jan 2024
Submitted on:
February 2, 2024
Submitted By:
Kristen Komara

TA Providers: General Questions

CWB Goals

Please provide a brief update on your progress toward your proposed CWB goals in the last reporting period:

The Resurrection Project continues to work on consulting, researching legal documentation for cooperative-specific loans in Illinois, and strategizing with colleagues and stakeholders. The collaborative work is helping to progress in creating a loan product. Additionally, we are in the development of our educational content specific to co-op buying and share loan lending. Educational content is being created for use in educational programming. It is encouraging to witness the project's advancement in these aspects.

What constraints or limitations, if any, did you experience in the last reporting period?

We did not experience any challenges as far as collaboration and training in addition to the UHAB Incubator sessions. We continue to research and investigate resources available to co-op housing.

What opportunities, if any, did you take advantage of in the last reporting period?

We got the chance to visit Mark Smithivas at his Logan Square Cooperative for an open house. Folks from PIHCO, The Little Village Cooperative, community representatives and TRP for a walkthrough of the co-op as we discussed logistics and other adjustments needed to set up the cooperative as it is regarding financial costs.

Chicago CWB Ecosystem

Did you establish new CWB relationships/partnerships in the last reporting period?


Please describe the relationships you established pertaining to your CWB work.

We met with Ayana Thomas and Gene Moreno from The Center for Shared Ownership / Chicago Rehab to discuss mission and alignments and learn more about their experiences and work with housing co-ops. We also met with Jason Stichauf, a mortgage originator from Cross Country Mortgage. Jason has more than 20 years as a lender and has offered housing coop share loans in this time. Jason confirmed a lot of what we already knew about coop share loans, and provided additional knowledge about process and required documentation. Finally, we are working as partners with PIHCO on a different grant (HUD Community Project

Did you collaborate with other TA providers in the last reporting period?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with?

We had no collaborations outside of the UHAB incubator for the month

Please share on behalf of whom / which projects you collaborated with the TA providers above:

We have been working in collaboration with Mark Smithivas, Jenna Pollack in supporting the ecosystem training by providing technical support such as hosting sites, coordinating with teammates, and advising on the training sessions.

Did you attend the Working Group meeting last month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)

5 extremely useful

Optional Space

Demographic Data

Community Area(s) (select all that apply)

Community Area Participants Served in this Community Area
South Lawndale 1


Race / Ethnicity of Participants (select all that apply)



Gender identity of Participants (select all that apply)



Age Range of Participants (select all that apply)

50 to 64


Limited Equity Housing Coops Work

How many sessions of one-on-one consulting to Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives (LEHCs) did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. one group or individual with one training provider)?



How many group workshops for Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. convenings, workshops, events, etc.) 



How many hours of support to CWB Pre-Development Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you provide this reporting period?



How many hours of support to existing Limited Equity Housing Cooperatives did you provide this reporting period?



Please list the LEHCs you worked with this reporting period.

La Villita Housing Cooperative


What type(s) of Technical Assistance did you provide to LEHCs this reporting period? Select all that apply.


Number of AFFORDABLE housing units preserved or developed this period



Number of AFFORDABLE housing units added to the pipeline this period



Did you provide education to any LEHCs this reporting period?



What are the greatest needs that your LEHC clients/partners expressed in this reporting period?

Building acquisition and peer-to-peer training around governance


What are the greatest gaps in service or resources in Chicago's CWB ecosystem?

Access to training and workshops at community level, need for a working group of people that are part of the program.


Please share any direct testimonials from LEHC clients or storytelling about the impact of your work this period:


Please upload media (document with testimonials, photos, or video links) from LEHC workshops or events held.


Additional TA Support

Did your organization provide any additional TA support this reporting period that was NOT covered in the previous tabs?



Please describe the type(s) of organizations you supported (i.e. nonprofits, business service orgs, etc.)

The Resurrection project worked closely with The Little Village Co-op, The Logan Square Housing co-op, Centered for Shared Ownership, Cross Country Mortgage.


How many total organizations or entities did you support (that were not covered in the previous tabs)?



How many total hours of support did you provide to these organizations?



Please share any other relevant details about the support you provided these organizations:

The Resurrection Project worked with The Center for Shared Ownership to strategize and understand possible collaborations and supplementation of a buyer ready pipeline. We consulted with Cross Country Mortgage to share experiences and procure a loan sample that can be modeled to the share loan product that The Resurrection Project is developing.