CCWBE Report

Manufacturing Renaissance
Reporting Period:
Feb 2024
Submitted on:
March 1, 2024
Submitted By:
Pauline Lake

TA Providers: General Questions

CWB Goals

Please provide a brief update on your progress toward your proposed CWB goals in the last reporting period:

The project’s momentum increased as expected, leading to significant progress in February 2024. Throughout the month, we successfully convened the Advisory Committee on five occasions, with four of these convenings dedicated to subcommittee meetings. The Writing & Revisions subcommittee, comprising of four Advisory Committee members and three MR staff members, held three productive meetings. The Outreach subcommittee, consisting of two Advisory Committee members and two MR staff members, met once. These collaborative efforts significantly contributed to advancing the project work, and we are pleased to share that we have officially begun the initial revision of the Early Warning Manual. The work thus far includes creating an outline and determining the initial updates needed. A noteworthy decision made by the Writing & Revisions subcommittee is to divide the revision of the Early Warning Manual so that the first edit focuses on editing the first two chapters and the second edit will focus on editing the second two chapters. Regarding training implementation and advancing toward our goal of developing an outreach plan, we have begun drafting requirements for participation in the training and compiled a list of initial organizations to contact. Both are crucial steps in our efforts to expand our engagement and begin the training. On the other end, the Outreach subcommittee discussed participant criteria, including (1) having geographic proximity to industry and (2) mapping the presence of entities in chosen geographic locations, ensuring equal representation in industrial sectors. The subcommittee also discussed the budgeted stipends, with the consensus being that stipends should go to the organizations. The fifth convening was a monthly two-hour meeting that occurred on February 27th. The first portion of the meeting consisted of sharing general project updates and using Zoom breakout rooms to engage in working time within the smaller subcommittee groups. The latter portion of the meeting allowed each subcommittee to present updates to the other members of the committee and seek their feedback. During this meeting, the Advisory Committee collectively decided that we would revise the Early Warning Manual, and subsequently the training, to emphasize proactive strategies for assistance and intervention rather than solely reacting to crises, such as a company closure. This adjustment reflects our commitment to fostering a more proactive and preventive approach. Our plan remains to meet monthly moving forward, with each subcommittee meeting synchronously at least once in between the monthly meetings, as needed. Additionally, subcommittee members will contribute valuable advice and efforts asynchronously to the ongoing project tasks. As of now, the March Advisory Committee meeting has not been scheduled due to several scheduling conflicts with the initially selected date. We are actively working to reschedule this meeting. Further, our priorities for March will focus on completing the first round of edits with an internal deadline of March 15th. We are committed to achieving this crucial project milestone.

What constraints or limitations, if any, did you experience in the last reporting period?

We have sometimes been limited by the availability of the AC members and MR staff, as we have seen happen with scheduling the March 2024 meeting.

What opportunities, if any, did you take advantage of in the last reporting period?

Pauline attended two CWB webinars this month hosted by BACP, one on Worker Cooperatives and another on Entrepreneurship. Both webinars were informative for Pauline, who is newer to the sector, and they gave her a chance to see examples of how the information was being conveyed to novices. The delivery of the information is an important consideration, as we will soon begin developing the training.

Chicago CWB Ecosystem

Did you establish new CWB relationships/partnerships in the last reporting period?


Please describe the relationships you established pertaining to your CWB work.

Did you collaborate with other TA providers in the last reporting period?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with?

Revolution Institute

Please share on behalf of whom / which projects you collaborated with the TA providers above:

Sequane Lawrence of Revolution Institute continues to serve on our Advisory Committee for the Early Warning Systems Building Project, specifically he is providing valuable input on the Outreach subcommittee.

Did you attend the Working Group meeting last month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)


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Demographic Data

Community Area(s) (select all that apply)

Community Area Participants Served in this Community Area
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Race / Ethnicity of Participants (select all that apply)



Other Race/Ethnicity (please specify)

American Indian, Alaska native or First Nations


Gender identity of Participants (select all that apply)



Age Range of Participants (select all that apply)

25 to 34
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35 to 49


Worker Coop Work

How many sessions of one-on-one consulting to Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. one group or individual with one training provider)?



How many group workshops for Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers did you conduct this reporting period? (e.g. convenings, workshops, events, etc.)



How many hours of support to CWB Pre-Development Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers did you provide this reporting period?



How many hours of support to existing Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers did you provide this reporting period?



How many co-op businesses did you develop last reporting period? (It's okay if the answer is 0)



How many jobs were created overall last reporting period? (It's okay if the answer is 0)



Please list the Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers Organizations you worked with this reporting period.

Revolution Institute


What type(s) of Technical Assistance did you provide to Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers this reporting period? Select all that apply.


Did you provide education to any Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers this reporting period?



What are the greatest needs that your WC clients/partners expressed in this reporting period?



What are the greatest gaps in service or resources in Chicago's CWB ecosystem?



Please share any direct testimonials from Worker Cooperatives, Conversions, or Co-op Developers clients or storytelling about the impact of your work this period:



Please upload media (document with testimonials, photos, or video links) from WC workshops or events held.


Additional TA Support

Did your organization provide any additional TA support this reporting period that was NOT covered in the previous tabs?



Please describe the type(s) of organizations you supported (i.e. nonprofits, business service orgs, etc.)


How many total organizations or entities did you support (that were not covered in the previous tabs)?


How many total hours of support did you provide to these organizations?


Please share any other relevant details about the support you provided these organizations: