CCWBE Report

National Public Housing Museum
Reporting Period:
Feb 2024
Submitted on:
March 1, 2024
Submitted By:
Mark Jaschke

Pre-Development Projects

Project Goals

What proportion of Goal 1 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that impacted goal 1 in the last month?

The team has had a fruitful period of applications for hiring the Store Operations Project Manager position. After reviewing applications and working collectively to assess strengths for each candidate, we have interviewed three individuals and conducted a second interview with a finalist. We have drafted a feedback form to collect feedback about the candidate and get input on a potential offer, contract, and other next steps. Pending a successful contract negotiation process, we hope to hire an onboard our Store Operations Project Manager this March. This role’s primary responsibility will be to assess the co-ops current internal and external models and systems, develop a business plan and operating procedures, lead recruitment and training, develop staffing structures and other human resources protocols for the store and help assign work to the store operations team to execute. This process is being overseen by Corner Store Co-op’s Dante Hamilton, Takisha Smith and Nakia Sims, with support from NPHM’s Associate Director Tiff Beatty and Manager of Human Resources, People and Culture Alexis Clark and Advisor Teresa Prim.

What proportion of Goal 2 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that you impacted goal 2 in the last month?

In May 2023, we worked with graphic designer Nekita Thomas to conduct a 4-week brand research workshop. During the workshop, which included all 6 members of the co-op team, as well as three NPHM staff and three additional community members, Nekita introduced the team to the essentials of brand creation, including color theory, recognizability, emotional appeal, and other factors. At the end of the workshop, she provided three possible brand directions for the Corner Store Co-op’s consideration. As the team continues to explore barriers and opportunities in branding and design, legal considerations, particularly trademarking the name/logo has arisen as a priority. The team has had an inquiry call with a trademark lawyer and is in the process of determining if/how to develop a trademark strategy, as a potential next step. This process is overseen by Dante. In the interim, Corner Store Co-op is utilizing a temporary logo/brand on materials and the e-commerce website, including a logo obtained through an online logo tournament. Congruently, the team has worked extensively with Monica Chadha and John Wolf of Civic Projects, our site design and construction project managers, and made key decisions regarding the store’s physical space layout, shelving, opportunities for signage, etc.. Currently, the team is reviewing fabrication and installation bids from three different teams, including Building Brown, BKE, and Navillus Woodworks.

What proportion of Goal 3 overall is complete at this point?


What are the barriers and opportunities for completion that you impacted goal 3 in the last month?

This goal is to research and develop the Corner Store Co-op’s business plan and financial structures. We have not made significant progress on this goal at this time, as it will primarily be developed under the leadership of the Store Operations Project Manager, which has not yet been hired. In the meantime, we have been working with our Advisor Teresa Prim to research and reach out to sources that may be able to provide additional start-up capital to fund furnishings, inventory, and the store buildout. The Corner Store’s Operating Agreement and Membership Subscriptions will also factor into the financial modeling and business plan. The members, including Dante Hamilton, Nakia Sims, and Natalie Crue, are currently working with attorney Elizabeth Carter to finalize these documents, which will be a key resources for the Store Operations Project Manager and Store Operations team as they develop and implement the business plan and structures to support the day to day operations.

CWB Ecosystem

Did you access Technical Assistance for your CWB project last month?


Which TA provider(s) did you work with within the Phase I CWEB grantees?

Which TA providers did you work with OUTSIDE of the Phase I CWEB grantees?

Did someone from your organization attend the Working Group this month?


How would you rate the usefulness of the working group to your project last month? (on a scale of 1-5)

Somewhat useful

How would you rate the usefulness of the Working Group for building community?

Somewhat useful

What have been the two most valuable contributions of the Working Group this month?


Please share any comments about the working group meetings.

How many TOTAL housing units did you preserve or create last month? (it is okay if the answer is zero)


How many TOTAL CWB businesses did you develop last month? (it is okay if the answer is zero)


Community Engagement

Number of stakeholder meetings held related to your Pre-Development Project?


Number of community meetings attended last month related to your Pre-Development Project?


Organizational Capacity

Service / Capacity

Service Capacity

Accounting & Financial Management




Conflict Resolution


Cooperative Development and Operations


Education & Training


Fundraising or Raising Capital

3 some ability

Governance / Legal


Marketing & Communications




Project Management


Real Estate Acquisition & Development

5 extensive ability

Relationship Building

5 extensive ability


3 some ability

Other (please describe and include ranking)

What constraints or limitations with internal capacity is the organizarion experiencing related to its Pre-Development Project?

At this time, the full team has not been hired on to complete this project. Regarding capacity, the 6 working group members are paid $1000 stipends for their work and NPHM staff is simultaneously working on other programs and projects. The team looks forward to hiring a Store Operations Project Manager in March to increase capacity moving forward.

What opportunities, if any, did the organization take advantage of related to its Pre-Development Project?

Members of the team have been attending CWB meetings for networking and collaboration purposes.

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